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    This is what we are here to offer

    The global community at large has now been shrunk into a niche market that can be tapped into by the right positioning and communication. All markets are interconnected at a click, and the scope of business is ever evolving even more so with the advent of social media and online tools.

    This is what we are here to offer, an opportunity for individuals, businesses, and governments to be firmly visible and create their own unique identity on a global scale. Our fete is to offer them the blueprint to harnessing this open portal while providing the sustenance through support and training initiatives beyond our scope of web development and marketing.

    Through our team of experienced professionals we aim to offer a higher standard of service delivery and work to your organisation into a powerhouse in the internet solutions market.

    The team comprises of:

    web consultant
    marketing specialist
    graphic designer
    business analyst

    The team is comprised of 6 members and has been in operation for the past years in the field of consulting, training, development and hosting of web based strategies. The manager Mr. Gerald Kleinebreil, with over 27 years in the field has provided training for people in using and developing content management websites especially in Joomla. He has also held the position of Head of the Joomla support desk in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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    About Webmaster

    Levany Holdings (PTY) Ltd. trading as Webmaster Botswana is 50 % Citizen owned, currently operating countrywide with the head office in Gaborone. The main field of activity is WAS. WAS stands for "Website as a Service". We are in the field of consulting, training, development and hosting of webstrategies.

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