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    A website is the base of every business. People get to know about other people´s businesses on websites. Even though the promotion can be done in Facebook or other social media but the main info comes from the website. And it is measurable.

    Get your website and get your Business online. Learn how to implement it into your social media and how to get attention all over Botswana and even the world.
    See how a website has to look like, Let us show you find a way to get something in your corporate style with Webmaster Botswana.

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    Levany Holdings (PTY) Ltd. trading as Webmaster Botswana is 50 % Citizen owned, currently operating countrywide with the head office in Gaborone. The main field of activity is WAS. WAS stands for "Website as a Service". We are in the field of consulting, training, development and hosting of webstrategies.

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