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    Website as Service

    Website as Service (WAS)

    What does Website as Service (WAS) mean?

    Website as service, short "WAS" is originated from the idea to create modern and interactive websites for our customers and keeping them UP TO DATE. The WAS - model is based on the principle that the website technique and the content will be managed by us as an external service provider and used by our customers as a service.

    The customer provides content which is entered by us or after training independently by the customer or its employees can be maintained. In this case, help is always available and the incorporated texts and media are reviewed for technical problems. A member of our service team is just a phone call or a Skype message away.

    For the use and operation of the website, the customer pays a usage-based fee. By the WAS - model you are partially spared of customer development and operation costs. As a service provider we take over the complete administration and other services such as maintenance and updates. For this purpose, the web infrastructures, including all administrative tasks are outsourced, and you can concentrate on your core business.

    Web marketing is part of the WAS-model. We will make sure that the other things, like SEO and optimisation of content (Media) will be done in the right way. The "WAS-Model" includes a frequently technical view on content and technique.

    If you are interested in a hassle free modern Web presentation which is affordable and reliable, we do have the right team.

    WAS Services List

    Design Layout

    • Responsive layout
    • fresh and up to date look and feel

    Design Content

    • Easy design. Tabs, Accordions, Icons are easy to implement. (1 click design)
    • Easy Video (implementing just by copying and pasting the link)
    • Writing web optimised content
    • Translation in different languages
    • Portal settings. Implementing different User presentation (link different people getting their own entry / domain/ pointing the Categories)

    Marketing Online

    • Newsletter script (professional)
    • Landing pages
    • Social Media
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • web presentation videos
    • Websites in different languages ( Setswana and for international sites in German, France and Italian)


    We believe that this venture will prove to be mutually beneficial to both enterprises and it is our aim to carry out our mandate. The web support and training facet remains a very wide and untapped arena; furthermore it extends beyond Botswana's borders. We have chance to build a formidable competitive edge in the field. We hope this has shed some light and look forward to commencing business with you.


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    About Webmaster

    Levany Holdings (PTY) Ltd. trading as Webmaster Botswana is 50 % Citizen owned, currently operating countrywide with the head office in Gaborone. The main field of activity is WAS. WAS stands for "Website as a Service". We are in the field of consulting, training, development and hosting of webstrategies.

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